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  • Q : How can I get my Magic Sing serviced?
    A : You may find local contact information via our website, www.enter-tech.com or simply call your local dealer that you have purchased from.
    Q : How do I purchase Magic Sing?
    A : You may contact Magic Sing authorized dealers in your area. Click here to find them.
    Q : How can I update other songs?
    A : You can buy additional song packs from where you bought the MagicSing. Or visit www.netkara.com for more songs.
    Q : How do I make correction when wrong song number was entered?
    A : Reset the number by pressing "0" or <- button several times and re-enter the number as needed.
    Q : When the song with the vocal assist plays, is it possible to stop the vocal only, not the entire song?
    A : You may disable "vocal assist" function off from the menu.
    Q : Can I search songs by title or by singer?
    A : Yes, you can. Please refer Manual (Click here for details)
    Q : Can I record my own voice and play it back?
    A : Yes, you can. Please refer Manual (Click here for details)
    Q : Can Magic Sing play moving background pictures?
    A : Yes, you can. Please refer Manual (Click here for details)
    Q : How many wireless microphones can I use simultaneously.
    A : Up to two microphones can be used.
    Q : Mic sound delays when the mic is connected to a digital TV.
    A : The issue takes place while the digital TV is converting the video to be displayed.
    Q : Why do I get such a high score when I don't think I sang well?
    A : There are 3 different ways to score your singing. Magic Sing gives you better score when the BEGINNER mode is selected, You may get more accurate scores by selecting eitherAMATEUR or PRO mode.
    Q : I just purchased the Magic Sing but my microphone is not turning on, what am I doing wrong?
    A : Please make sure you have inserted the battery in the microphone first and try to ajhold the power button down longer than 3 seconds. If that doesn't solve the issue, please contact your dealer.
    Q : The microphone gets warmed up after awhile. Would it harm the microphone?
    A : It is perfectly OK to use. It won't harm the microphone.
    Q : What will happen if I bring my Magic Sing to overseas?
    A :
      1. Your warranty may get affected because the coverage is limited to the local area where the Magic Sing was originally purchased.
      2. You might need a different AC plug or adaptor, since every country has different types of AC outlet.
      3. There are some countries with unstable electric pressure in which we cannot recommend you to use Magic Sing.
    Q : In what coutry was my Magic Sing produced?
    A : Repulic of Korea.

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